California Specific Rental Laws

CALIFORNIA SPECIFIC RENTAL LAWS As a landlord or rental property owner in California, you are sure to encounter your fair share of legal issues. Before getting into the landlord business, it’s a good idea to have a competent attorney by your side that you can call on for help should any issues arise. But, it’s

Common Credit Score Myths

Did you know that the Attorney at Canyon Lake Lawyer is also a real estate broker? We can assist client with all their real estate needs including real estate litigation, broker/agent issues, or even listing your property for sale and protecting you during the process of selling your

RAXTER LAW resolved Eminent Domain issue with City of Murrieta

We recently resolved a long standing eminent domain dispute with the City of Murrieta. We represented a client against the City of Murrieta and through our efforts our client was able to achieve a great result and substantial increase to the original offer by the City of Murrieta. It was a pleasure to deliver great