Does your company need an employee handbook?

Does your company or business need an employee handbook? I bet the answer is....yes. Most companies have employee handbooks, but are they necessary? There are definite advantages to having a handbook, such as promoting equal and standardized treatment of all employees. Once rules and procedures are written down, it makes training new employees a

Choosing a business entity

CHOOSING A BUSINESS ENTITY Choosing a Business Entity An important, but often misunderstood, decision in the life of a business is the entrepreneur’s or existing business owner’s choice among the different forms of legal entities under which the business can operate. The decision is determinative regarding the tax treatment and legal liability of both the

Simple explanation of Bankruptcy

BANKRUPTCY EXPLAINED Whenever the economy suffers, the word bankruptcy gets tossed around. Anyone can experience trouble with finances including celebrities, athletes, politicians, business leaders and other prominent public figures. Every day on the news we hear reports of people (famous or not) dealing with financial problems stemming from divorce, medical conditions, mortgage foreclosure, credit

List of banned debt collectors

Due to illegal actions certain companies (or individuals) are banned from acting as debt collectors. The companies and people listed within the attached link are banned, by federal court orders, from participating in the business of debt collection. Click here to view the companies/individuals banned from acting as debt

Small Business Law Update – California Specific

BUSINESS LAW UPDATE   If you run a business in California you are probably well aware that the minimum wage in California is increasing to $10.00 per hour on January 1, 2016. In fact, a small number of cities in California are increasing the minimum wage even more. There is a ballot initiative to increase minimum

Administering estate with IAEA Authority

IAEA authority within Probate In 1987, the California Legislature enacted the Independent Administration of Estates Act (IAEA). IAEA is a collection of statutes granting the personal representative to administer some aspects of the decedent’s estate without court supervision. In order to be granted IAEA powers it must be granted within the will or upon

California Specific Rental Laws

CALIFORNIA SPECIFIC RENTAL LAWS As a landlord or rental property owner in California, you are sure to encounter your fair share of legal issues. Before getting into the landlord business, it’s a good idea to have a competent attorney by your side that you can call on for help should any issues arise. But, it’s

Common assets mistakenly omitted from trusts

Being an Attorney that concentrates on all aspects of Probate matters, my office has come up with a list of the forgotten assets that are most commonly omitted from trust funding.  That is, these assets are frequently found after death titled in individual names rather than being properly titled to the decedent's trust. In

Canyon Lake Law Office is Expanding

Canyon Lake Law Office | Menifee Lawyer is expanding After nearly five years in our present location we are expanding our office! We are almost doubling our square footage and constructing a better office experience for our clients. Once the construction is complete we will have more defined lobby, information center, conference room, and more office

Employers must provide sick days to employees

Employers must provide sick days to employees It's hard running a business. It's even harder running a business in California. Let's be honest, being an employee is no picnic either. No one wants to work next to someone who is sick, but for many employees the opportunity to take a paid day off